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Do I Really Have to Call My Missing RSVPs?

Wedding Stationery

March 16, 2016

Do I Really Have To Call My Missing RSVPs - - Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events, Saint Louis, MO Wedding Planner

Guest list tracking is definitely one of those not-so-fabulous tasks that comes along with wedding planning. From the very beginning it is a huge pain to decide who is invited, track down updated addresses, and look up the name of your sorority sister’s new boyfriend. You have finally reached the month before your wedding and of course you want to place your full attention on the details such as dress fittings, jewelry shopping, and welcome bags. But instead you are faced with the incredibly frustrating list of missing response cards.

While we completely agree the thought of a person who cannot put their pre-addressed and stamped card into the mailbox attached to their front porch makes you want to pull your eyeballs out – unfortunately it is a job you will not be able to avoid. Our advice is to grab the bull by the horns sooner rather than later. Divide up the list amongst your fiancé, mom, and mother-in-law accordingly. Be the soul of graciousness as you pick up the phone and oh-so-politely “double check they received your invitation.”

Why is it so important to do this?

  • The catering company needs to know your final number
  • Your florist needs to know how many flowers to order for the centerpieces
  • A venue layout must be created with the correct number of seats at each table
  • Your stationery designer wants to print your escort cards

Want to know a little secret? We have a fabulous software that will make this entire process a million times easier! No sad looking excel sheets here. Our client management portal not only tracks your guests and addresses, but also their response, dietary restrictions, if they sent a gift, if you sent a thank you note, and more! The best part is how creating your seat assignments is a breeze. Having that same guest list automatically sorted by category and then watching them check off as they are placed at a table insures no one is forgotten!

So are you ready to get your guest list (and so much more!) ridiculously organized?

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