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The Big Free Wedding Detail You Are Definitely Forgetting

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events

March 24, 2016

When working with our clients on their weddings, a large portion of time is devoted to the design of the reception. There are so many details to consider and options to choose from that it can easily become overwhelming and paralyzing. Regardless of the size of the budget or amount of money allotted to this category, every bride wants to make an impressive and personalized statement to their guests as they enter the room.

The Big Free Wedding Detail You Are Definitely Forgetting - Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events, St. Louis Wedding Planner

Here at Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events we are a big fan of making the most of every resource available, which is why we are always so surprised when brides are shocked by this FREE wedding detail!

You may have guessed by the cover photo, but we are talking about the linen napkin color! While some venues and catering companies do an excellent job of including this in their marketing materials, the free choice of napkin color is one detail that is often overlooked. Since most companies are going to rent your wedding linens anyway, there is no price difference to them (or you!) for selecting a color that matches your palette and theme. Having that subtle or bold contrast can greatly increase the visual appeal of a table, especially if you are planning to skip menu cards!

If you found this tip helpful, or if you have a specific planning or design question you would like to see answered in one of our blog posts, be sure to leave us a comment down below!

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