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How to Have An Unplugged Wedding (And Why It’s Awesome)

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April 5, 2016

The moment has finally arrived. Your father is standing next to you and I have just finished tucking away that stray hair and fluffing your dress. The prelude music begins and the church doors open when… BAM! Instead of looking down the aisle to a group of loving faces you are met with a sea of iPhones. Want to know how to avoid this disaster? Then read on!

It all started when photographers began sharing their (quite horrifying) images of guest standing in the middle of the aisle with their cell phones ready to capture the first kiss. We were all patient and tolerant, chalking it up to the crazy aunt who has to document everything. But over the last year it has gotten completely out of control.

Especially now as we see more and more couples striving to deeply personalize their day and tailor the event towards the ultimate guest enjoyment, it’s heartbreaking as the wedding planner to see what is ultimately an unintentional yet total lack of respect. If you are left wondering how on earth you are going to accomplish this, here is our best advice:

1. Tell them early and often. When you are out with friends or at a 4th of July party with your family and they inevitably ask about your wedding plans, be sure to include this in the conversation. Most will have no idea what you are talking about, and this is an excellent opportunity to start the conversation.

2. Keep reminding them. It’s not enough to politely mention it once. Have a sign at the ceremony entrance, write it in the programs, and have your officiant make an announcement before the ceremony begins.

3. Explain your reasoning. No need to be rude here, simply note how you are inviting them to be fully present in the celebration and start of your marriage, and why this is so important to you. Keep enforcing why this is a positive request!

When all is said and done, we hope you will consider adopting the idea of an Unplugged Wedding on your special day!

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