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Tips For Sending Your First Christmas Card

Wedding Stationery

November 16, 2016

Calling all newlyweds! What if I told you there was a secret formula for sending Christmas cards that was easy, affordable, and stress-free? You’d be interested right?! Keep reading to discover our 4 tips for rocking your first Christmas card as well as a special surprise at the end!

Newlywed Christmas Card

Plan Early

You know as soon as Thanksgiving hits everything is in hyper mode. Christmas shopping and holiday parties will consume every spare moment you have, and by the time you get around to ordering Christmas cards it will be stressful to rush and get everything together. What if instead you just knocked it out this week? Your cards would arrive in plenty of time and you will look like a Christmas pro!

Pull Your Wedding Addresses

You know that long list of guest addresses you have left over from your wedding, well this is the perfect time to put it to use! I recommend Postable for a free online address book that you can quickly update with any changes you may have. Plus it will make you really feel like you have your life together the next time you need to quickly send a thank you note 😉

Use Your Wedding Photos

You know that fabulous wedding photographer you hired and all those gorgeous images you are completely in love with? Well be honest with me, are they collecting digital dust on a flash-drive? Your photos are meant to be showcased through a beautiful, high quality prints! Plus, chances are your relatives missed the gallery on Facebook and would love catching a glimpse of your special day.

If you’ve already sent out cards with your wedding photos, it may be time to schedule a mini session for some new images of your married life! Here are two great St. Louis options to get you started:

-If you are looking for a full session, Erin Stubblefield has multiple dates left this fall and you can book one here

-Or if you just need one image Lindsey Hinderer of Sweet Monday Photography is hosting a mini photo shoot event at roar this Saturday and you can find more info here

Keep It Simple

There is no rule that says you need to include a newsletter with your Christmas card! If you are able to pull that off then more power to you, but I promise there is no judgement for only sending a lovely card. P.S. Bonus points if you send them out early!

Newlywed Christmas Card











Newlywed Christmas Card











So to make this as easy as possible, I teamed up with my sweet friend Kelly of Hello World Paper Co to bring you the best solution! 4 gorgeous card templates to choose from, and everything else is handled! Not only that, but mention Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events in your purchase notes and Kelly will give you FREE address printing on your envelopes, so all you have to do is stamp, seal and mail the cards! Done and done!

View the entire collection here

Newlywed Christmas Card











Newlywed Christmas Card











All photos by Laura Ann Miller Photography

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