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Embracing Imperfection: Our Belated Christmas Cards

That Mrs Life

February 14, 2018

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events - Belated Christmas Card

A year ago my Type A heart would have cringed at the word “belated,” let alone the thought of publicly admitting I missed a deadline. It was Pinterest perfection or bust in my book; but it was no longer working. I have cherished sending Christmas cards since our first “Married & Bright” card in 2015. If I’m being honest, it was one part of marriage I had been anticipating for years. But this year it just had to be pushed off the list. My best intentions for organization had slipped away and before I knew it our house was filled with hosting my family and soaking up the time together. I knew I had made the right decision, but by January was still moping around over the disappointment. At the same time I had started reading Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley, and things in my heart began to shift. I started re-examining the priorities in my life and the ways they were working for me… and against me. One morning I turned on my computer and made a decision: we were sending Christmas cards MY way this year! And that way meant a Belated Christmas/Valentine card. With that said, please enjoy:

Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events - Belated Christmas Card

Photos by Laura Ann Miller Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day/Belated Merry Christmas!

We had all the best intentions of sending a Christmas card. We even frantically had photos taken. But between a DIY kitchen renovation and a whirlwind two week visit from the Schmidling clan, it fell through the cracks. Hopefully you abide by the notion of better-late-than-never and enjoy our update nonetheless!

2017 brought many wonderful memories, most of which involved the Blues. We celebrated five years together by cheering the team in Nashville and drank away our sorrows with Blues’ announcer Chris Kerber. In October we traveled to Denver and Las Vegas and spent the week visiting friends, seeing the sites, and came close to missing a flight. Spencer’s crowning moment was being harassed for his Jake Allen jersey in the beer line by what he thought was a fellow Blues’ fan. Turns out it was former #34 player Reed Low.
Megan finally convinced Spencer it was time to remodel the kitchen and that we could tackle it on our own (mostly). New countertops, painted cabinets, working appliances, and new floors (thanks twins!) and we hardly recognize it! Megan is drinking more coffee than ever as an excuse to spend more time there. After three long years of public accounting, we decided we couldn’t take another busy season. Spencer hired a recruiter and in November he accepted a Senior Tax Accountant position with Safety National. He is loving the reduced hours, numerous company perks, and the potential for a spring training trip to Florida this March. Megan had another great year with Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Events including her fourth consecutive Best of Weddings award from The Knot, which gave her the honor of Hall of Fame status. The upcoming year will bring an exciting rebrand and new business name, so be on the lookout!
Lord Stanley’s favorite parts of the year were spent exploring Nana & JoePa’s new lake house in Bonne Terre. As luck would have it, the neighbors also have a pug named Ira. Instant BFF status! His uncles spoiled him endlessly at Christmas and even made him his own Instagram account (@lord_stanleyrusch).
Above all we are thankful for another year of good health and numerous blessings, and as always we would love to have you over for a White Ruschian.
With love,
Spencer, Megan & Stanley

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