To plan a celebration that heralds the beginning of your marriage

It was in my own season of wedding planning that I realized the great pressure on a bride as she plans her celebration—you know, that “is this Pinterest-worthy?” question that looms over every decision. Somewhere along the line, we got mixed up and began spotting the wedding as the finish line, when in fact, it’s more like the starting gate. 

Meet Megan

It’s my great joy in life to come along brides and grooms in what can be one of the most special seasons of life. I get to know each of my couples personally, learning their likes, dislikes and quirks—down to the craft beer & French 75 you two prefer on a night on the town.

Before founding Megan Rusch Soirées in 2014, I saw a lot of women feeling like working with a wedding planner meant waving the white flag on something societal expectations tell us we should be able to do ourselves. 

So, I started with a mission to come alongside St. Louis area couples, re-instill confidence in the choices they make, coach them through every last detail, and take all of the rest off of their plate … all so they have more time to focus on the marriage-building part of engagement.

about our grooms

about our brides

She loves unconditionally and throws around kindness like confetti

She cherishes her grandmother's pearls

She is the first to give a toast and the last to say goodnight


she has a way with words and making an entrance

she feels being underdressed is overrated


He is incredibly dapper and looks best in a suit

He always orders an
Old Fashioned

He starts every morning with a kiss on the forehead

He always remembers
to call his mother

He honors tradition and values his legacy

He will surprise you with flowers, just because

He is chivalrous and courteous to everyone he meets

Your wedding deserves the best of the best, and that doesn’t come at the price of a stressful engagement year. No matter your specific style, we want to create a timeless design that you will cherish 50 years from now. Let us get to know you and create a day with personalized details that highlights why you are madly in love. After all, this is day one of your forever!

You want a unique and memorable wedding day

Imagine having complete confidence in every last detail while you and your family spend time toasting the friends who came to help you celebrate. But it’s more than just the wedding day…let us “wow” you and your mom with the ultimate concierge service as we plan this sensational day.

You want to be a guests at your own wedding

Hiring a planner is the best way to keep things in perspective. We truly believe joy is found in the journey, not only the destination. Wedding planning doesn’t have to take up all your free time and add unnecessary stress to your relationship. Let us curate your design and checklist to a manageable and enjoyable amount, letting you truly enjoy the entire process.

You value the true meaning of marriage

Birds of a feather, two of a kind, perfect pair, partners in crime, peas in a pod, sidekicks – these are the love stories we adore!

You are madly
in love

We consider ourselves to be a boutique planning company - meaning our team takes a limited number of weddings per year and always only one per weekend. This gives us the opportunity to deliver service from the heart so you can have the best possible planning experience and never have to worry about sending us to many emails – it’s all included.

You want a luxury experience

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