I'll keep tabs on the details so you can focus on the good stuff

It seems to me that the piece of planning no one actually enjoys is the squaring up of all the details—but that’s what I’m here for! You name it, I’ve probably handled it before, so I can share my learnings with you, or just ensure it gets done — your choice.

Here’s where I can lend a hand while planning...



Together we’ll set out to pull together the main pieces of the plan. We’ll visit venues, meet with caterers, and choose other vendors like your photographer and entertainment.

The closer we get to your wedding date, I’ll ensure every last minute detail is ready to go so your big day runs smoothly and you get to enjoy it.

After choosing all of your vendors, I’ll help you vet their contracts, keep everyone in the loop and provide all of the partners in your day with a comprehensive timeline.

  what's next?
take me to design!


But what is planning? Here's what's included: 

•Venue selection, vendor procurement, and contract negotiations
•Realistic budget construction and financial management
•Streamlined planning meetings
•Site evaluation & logistics assessment
•Project planning calendar & checklist
•Consolidation of planning meetings with detailed itinerary 
•Etiquette advice
•Attendance and consultation at menu, cake, and beverage tastings
...and so much more!