Together we will dream up a sensational, elegant, and timeless day you will cherish for years to come

You’re bogged down in the details, typing in Excel spreadsheets  instead of texting sweet nothings to your honey.


Nobody wants that life—why should planning your wedding make it okay? 

Together we can dream up a celebration that fits your love story—you can choose exactly the services you need, and ensure that you still get to be involved in planning your wedding. I make sure the stress comes off your plate without losing your much-needed opinion in the process. Sound good?

Whether you’re newly engaged and aren’t sure where to start, or if you’ve got most of your plans figured out and just need to square up the details, I can help.

Working with me means you get
expertise in these three areas:


Get off on the right foot as you begin planning your special day. From logistics to booking those hotel blocks. we’ll help you choose a venue and vendors, set a planning schedule, and help keep you on budget.

much more than day-of coordination, and a level of service your wedding day deserves. we insure timelines are met, vendors are in the know, and no detail is missed in the planning process, or on your wedding day.

Whatever your aesthetic, we ensure the whole day has a cohesive feel and every element comes together to create an event where your guests feel welcomed and honored. 






give me peace of mind with event management

Wow me with gorgeous design

i could use some help with planning


Initial Consultation

What does the experience look like?

Custom Proposal

Planning Phase

Design Phase

Event management

The role of our team is sometimes hard to visualize because the service we provide is truly intangible. My approach is to help you simultaneously maximize and stay within budget, think outside the box with the design (after all, you’ve been to enough weddings!), and chiefly, make sure you are going to look back on those photos and remember not only how you felt on her wedding day but how enjoyable the whole experience was.

I believe that each decision you make for your wedding day is important—
each investment you make values a particular aspect of the process, and for each dollar you spend,
it means another can’t be spent elsewhere. 

I get it … that’s why my promise is to be completely transparent about where your money is going when you work with me. No hidden markups. No vendor kickbacks.

To give you an idea, investments begin at $3,000 and our average client's wedding has $50,000+ budget.

Your Investment...


but, with that said, i'm open to adventure!

Are you eloping on a Tuesday, and want a fabulous dinner party to follow? Fill out my contact form here, and tell me your plans. We’ll see what we can work out—I love nothing more than a creative approach to a wedding day!